Tobacco Disparities Fact Sheet

Populations with Low Socieconomic Status Characteristics and Commercial Tobacco Disparities

Disparities in commercial tobacco use, secondhand smoke exposure, related health conditions, and access to cessation treatment can exist based on where people live, employment status and health insurance coverage (if any), as well as other pertinent factors such as: socioeconomic status (income, education), age, gender, race/ethnicity, disability status, geographic location, and/or behavioral health status.(1)

Health disparity is a significant or persistent health difference that is closely linked with socioeconomic and/or environmental disadvantage resulting in unfavorable health outcomes.(2)

Tobacco-related disparities and health disparities are strongly related; socioeconomic status (lower levels of income, education), employment status including (unemployment) as well as other pertinent contributing factors (health insurance, healthcare access, behavioral health, etc.) are associated with high rates of smoking and correlated high rates of chronic illness (CIL). (3)